The Mission (featuring Louiz Rip)

by Ben Kres

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The Mission is an upbeat hip hop track that anybody can get down to.


This is the mission...
Dismiss funny rap styles there not allowed renown the town with the underground sound
This is the mission...
This is the mission get what you missing your lacking the facts so we switch the position

Ben Kres Verse 1
Like clouds of dust I rose to destruct and rebuild the real that was killed by the rotten mush, the fruits not ripe these cats take a bite they like its too soft I just lost my appetite, success I aim its what I came to do, and build with my crew cause they came to do the same too, so let the clouds rain, the underground built the ship while you clones drowned thousands by the same name, and they still need the floaty pads, splish splash they jumped in and sank fast, never learned how to get it in the first place, dispersed and got cursed on there birth dates, rappers way too impatient, they start dream chasing and turn up into racing, there whole family tree has been forsaken you can look back and blame it on their past generations

This is the mission...
Dismiss phony rap styes there not allowed renown the town with the underground sound
This is the mission...
Im getting bored with the status quo rap feel the force when I bust your whole vocal cord snap

Elevate the danger eloquent context, rip verse the industry is really no contest, they stay shook I'm on their facebook page leaving nine hundred eleven comments full of bomb threats, colder the criminal never gets the code or are exposed to any unknown who pose is a minimal, threats so your best bets to blow in the wind winter in december flow bitter cold with the pen, my subliminal shots receive critical aid get in the cage mach and kick ass like nicolas cage, and don't become fixated with the technique I can set it to detonate soon as I exist the stage, intellect amaze ya rigged place with blades step in your place your face gets split with gillette razors, so just imagine what I do with a sword I'm a student of war swinging til your movement is lost yeah


released 08 October 2013
Ben Kres - Vocals
Louiz Rip - Vocals
Deuce Fontae - Instrumental
Tyler Anderson - Production, Engineer, Keyboards



all rights reserved


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